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Our two dogs, reading up on basic darenting (Dog-Parenting) skills

Friday morning 09:00 AM, I’m still in bed…

I hear my beautiful wife screaming in the bathroom. Then running towards me… With tears of happiness and shock in her eyes.

OMG… OMG! Are we sure about this? I mean… I can’t believe it!

We had been married for about 4 weeks at the time. In a relationship for 7 years, but still very much newly-weds. And oh damn… I couldn’t be happier.

I jumped out of bed, completely in shock. And kept asking her: “are you serious?”, “Are you for real?”, “Let me see the test!”.

I have always wanted to become a father. My wife not so much… She is more the ‘mother’ type. …


Christiaan van Eijk

Husband & Soon-To-Be-Father —Sharing my thoughts for a 100 days straight. | Because ideas drown in solitude way too often.

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