How it feels to become a father at 22 years old.

Our two dogs, reading up on basic darenting (Dog-Parenting) skills

And from that moment onwards… Everything changed for me.

People always told me that becoming a parent puts ‘things’ into perspective. But what do they mean with ‘things’? I mean sure… You have a big responsibility now. But… Could you be a bit more specific? — Hence why I’m writing this article.

This is what changed for me, instantly.

I instantly gave up the main role in my own movie.

Since finding out, I feel like whatever I do, affects the future of my child. I am no longer the main protagonist in my own movie. I am like an important side character at best. Just there to make the main character shine. I realize this may not sound all that ‘fun’. But I view it as a positive development.

Health is suddenly a BIG priority

Everybody knows health is important, right? Yet some of us seem to care less about it than others. I used to be on that end of the spectrum. Knowing it’s important, but never really vividly caring about the future of my own.

Discipline is a different thing

I see myself as a very driven person. A creative and motivated one. But still, just like everyone else, sometimes I would have to use pure discipline in order to get stuff done. Now? Doing stuff is easy. Because it feels like i’m not doing it for just myself anymore. I prepare breakfast for my wife every morning, as a sort of training (and support of course), For my soon to start dad-duties.

Money-management is easier, but scarier

I believe money is a nice thing to have… It’s also a nice thing to spend…
Not anymore! Financial security is a big topic all of the sudden. I’m not planning on turning into a money-horder all of the sudden. But losing financial safety is suddenly a very real threat.

I respect my wife even more

Honey, what you are going trough… That’s pretty f’ing insane. I know it’s not all sunshine and rainbows at the moment. Feeling sick most of the day, doesn’t sound like a lot of fun…

My wife, myself, and our first child. All in one picture.

Husband & Soon-To-Be-Father —Sharing my thoughts for a 100 days straight. | Because ideas drown in solitude way too often.

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