My first viral story feels like a mistake. But an important one.

Two steps forward, one step back.

So.. I wrote a story here on Medium that’s doing very well compared to my other stories. But I don’t feel good about it…

I want to share with you my experience and what my take-away is from it all.

How it began

A week or two ago I decided to start writing an article a day. I started because I discovered I’m going to be a father soon. And I love the idea of creating something for my child(ren) to read if something were to happen to me.

I have written 9 articles as of now. And I LOVE doing it. It isn’t easy yet, but I can feel myself picking up momentum. And I’m enjoying it more every day.

The article that ‘blew up’

So a few days ago I felt like writing about something more work-related.

I am still unsure whether I should even write about work-related topics… But I’m passionate about what I do, so I felt like it was at least worth a try.

An hour or so later I finished an article talking about how sometimes visually attractive user interface designs (apps/websites/etc) can have difficulty transferring over to good real-world use.

Or so I thought…

I accidentally wrote an article that was a lot less nuanced than I wanted it to be.

Instead of talking about the big picture, as I love to do, I singled in on a very nit-picky topic, leaving out most of the nuance and context to my point.

Instead of opening up in my writing, I tried to encapsulate a lesson, or thought… And because of that I don’t feel proud of that article.

You can read the article here:

It’s a matter of perspective

I’m not a fan of the article. But I love what it I learnt from the process. Because of my ‘daily-writing-challenge’ I make a lot of mistakes and learn a lot of things about myself very quickly.

I enjoy being a beginner. And I enjoy doing that publicly.

I do it publicly because I hope to inspire my future child(ren) to embrace life open-armed. To go after what they find inspiring and interesting.

How it feels to ‘get a lot of readers’

The article has been read about 3000 times at the time of writing this.
Most of my articles are read between 2 and 10 times.

So that’s quite a difference…

It’s not my goal to reach a lot of people with my articles. But I’m not going to lie. I do enjoy the thought of inspiring (and helping) as much people as I can.

‘Getting a lot of readers’ teaches me that I don’t care about getting a lot of readers. I used to care about numbers in the past, but not anymore.

I am writing this for myself and for those that I can help by giving them a perspective to relate to and possibly learn from.

I hope you enjoyed this article. See you in the next one.

— Christiaan van Eijk

Before you leave…

I want to thank you for being here. Since discovering I will be a father soon, I have decided to start sharing a single thought, idea, or experience with you, per day. For a hundred days. The article you are reading right now, is article #010. I hope you are as excited as I am. Writing is not my strong suit (yet). (But let’s try anyway!)

Husband & Soon-To-Be-Father. Working on & YKE.AGENCY

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